Bargain Box

PrintThe Junior League of Raleigh’s Bargain Box sells high-quality, gently used clothing, accessories and household items provided by Junior League of Raleigh members and community donors.

As one of the League’s major fundraisers, the Bargain Box contributes to the community by providing steady support to JLR’s programs, volunteers and services. The Bargain Box also serves the community directly by providing much-needed items at greatly reduced prices, and by donating thousands of dollars in Bargain Bucks vouchers to human service agencies.


Since opening its doors in 1951, the Bargain Box has contributed more than $1 million to the League’s efforts. By offering much-needed items at greatly reduced prices, Bargain Box shoppers can more easily purchase items that may not have been in their budget. The recycled but new-looking suit will help a young father face tomorrow’s job interview more confidently. A mother is able to help her two children select clothes for school that they can be excited about. A family new to the area can shop for essential household items.


The Bargain Box is dedicated to providing clothing, accessories and household items to those in need. To further its mission, the Bargain Box distributes Bargain Bucks vouchers to human service agencies in Wake County. Clients of participating agencies redeem Bargain Bucks for merchandise at the Bargain Box. The Bargain Box distributes more than $25,000 in Bargain Bucks annually to more than 70 human service agencies.

Are you a human service agency in Wake County interested in the Bargain Bucks program?  Apply now.

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