Planned Giving

The Junior League of Raleigh welcomes a variety of Charitable Giving Methods

Through charitable estate planning, you and your family can support the Junior League of Raleigh while receiving financial and philanthropic benefits. This site provides information that will allow you to further the work of the JLR in a way that is consistent with your own financial goals. You may also download our helpful tool to assist you in organizing information for your estate planning efforts. If you have further questions please email

Make a meaningful donation
Each year, donors support JLR with contributions of cash and other assets. In recognition of a donation, you may realize tax benefits while enjoying the personal satisfaction of helping JLR.

Enjoy lifetime income
You and/or your beneficiaries can receive guaranteed income for life (or a term of years) from the Junior League of Raleigh’s life income plans.

Transfer wealth to your heirs with tax savings
Through an estate plan, it is possible for you to make a future transfer of assets to your heirs at a substantially reduced gift and estate tax cost, while continuing to support JLR during your lifetime.

Use bequests to achieve philanthropic goals
Many donors have provided for JLR through bequests and other planned gifts.

Charitable Estate Planning Options

An Outright Contribution could be:

  • Cash or Securities: Cash gifts are fully deductible up to 50% of the donor’s adjusted gross income in any one year. Appreciated securities that are donated yield a savings of capital gains taxation on their appreciated value and an income tax deduction of up to 30% of the donor’s adjusted gross income. Any unused portion of the income tax deduction may be carried over for up to five consecutive years.
  • Personal Property: Such gifts might be jewelry, antiques, artwork or other tangible personal property.
  • Real Estate: It is possible to donate your primary residence, vacation home or other real estate to the Junior League of Raleigh while still maintaining residency on the property during your lifetime.

 A Planned Contribution could be:

  • Will or Codicil Bequest: A bequest in your will can be used to leave any of the above outright gifts to JLR or to establish a planned contribution.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: It is possible to make a donation of cash or securities to establish a Charitable Gift Annuity to provide you or another individual with guaranteed, partially tax-free income for life.
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: A Charitable Remainder Trust provides an individual with income for either life or a term up to 20 years from the date the gift is made. When the trust terminates, JLR receives the trust’s principal.
  • Charitable Lead Trust: A Charitable Lead Trust provides the Junior League of Raleigh with a steady income for a term of years or the life of an individual. When the trust terminates, the donor’s designated heirs will receive the trust’s appreciated principal.
  • Life Insurance: There are several ways to use life insurance to make a donation to the Junior League of Raleigh. JLR can be named as owner and beneficiary to an existing policy or a new policy can be established.
  • Retirement Assets:  The combination of federal income, estate and excise taxes can seriously erode the value of retirement savings. Naming the Junior League of Raleigh as a beneficiary of these assets can save your estate and heirs both income tax and federal estate taxes.

You can download a Memorial_Directive_Form_2018 here for submission to the Junior League of Raleigh.