Join the Junior League of Raleigh

The Junior League of Raleigh is open to women who have an interest in volunteerism, developing the potential of women, and a commitment to improving our community. Membership in the Junior League of Raleigh offers opportunities for leadership, training, skill development, networking, and lifelong friendships. Most importantly, membership offers a chance to give back to the community and experience the fulfillment that comes from helping others. Our main purpose is to provide trained volunteer resources to our community partners within Wake County. 
Membership begins with a Provisional year, during which you can expect to learn about our League, the community we serve and develop skills to help you transition into active membership. Active membership in the League begins after the successful completion of your Provisional year. Requirements for Active membership are based on years of service in the League and are outlined in our bylaws. Each year, Active members have the opportunity to serve the League in an in-League placement or with one of our community partners. Other requirements include attendance at General Membership Meetings, payment of annual dues, and support of the League’s A Shopping SPREE! fundraiser. 


  • Email to be added to the mailing list for current events and League happenings.
  • Recruitment events will take place at least monthly between September and March, including in person events, virtual events, socials, opportunities to volunteer and donation drives.
  • Applications to join the Junior League of Raleigh for the 2023-2024 Provisional class are now closed! For infomation on submitting your application for the 2024-2025 year, please email
  • Submit payments for annual dues in the amount of $158 and a one time Provisional Course Fee of $200.
  • Once your application and accompanying forms are completed and your payments are complete, you’re in! There is no interview process to join the Junior League of Raleigh.


  • Participate in several trainings, a Poverty Simulator and a Placement Fair between August and May.
  • Have an opportunity to impact your community through participation in various Community Impact shifts throughout the Provisional year.
  • Attend General Membership Meetings in September and May.
  • Support the League’s A Shopping SPREE! fundraiser through a ticket quota and a volunteer shift in the winter.
  • Submit payment for Active annual dues in the amount of $200 upon completion of Provisional course in May.


  • The Junior League of Raleigh welcomes transfer members from any other AJLI League memberships. To begin your transfer process, please notify the League to which you currently belong to state your intention to transfer your membership. Your current League will need to begin the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth transition into the Junior League of Raleigh. 
  • Active members transferring into the Junior League of Raleigh will spend their first placement year as a member of our Team Transfer. During that year, you will learn about our League, the community we serve and the placements available to you as an Active member. Team Transfer engages our transfer members in social events and functions to help welcome them to our city and our League. 
  • Sustaining members transferring into the Junior League of Raleigh will be introduced to the Sustaining Committee Chair and will receive information about the various Sustainer groups and social events.
  • Questions on transferring memberships at any level should be sent to Member Coordinator Terri Ferraro