Women Who: Inspire

We continue with our “Women Who” blog series for Women’s History Month. This week we celebrate ‘Women Who Inspire’ within and outside the Junior League of Raleigh. We asked JLR members to tell us about some of the women who’ve influenced them personally and inspired their paths within the League and in their lives. We couldn’t help but be inspired ourselves as we heard from members discussing Junior League friends or family members who helped them reach new goals. Read more and watch what these JLR members have to say about inspiring women. 

Nancy Ventura, Co-captain of the Transfer committee works to make members who transfer from other Junior Leagues around the nation and the world feel at home in JLR. She says she was encouraged to pursue a leadership position in the League by fellow member, Sarah Wheeler. 



Toni Chatman is inspired every day by the accomplishments of her 28-year-old daughter who pursued a career path she’s passionate about and helps those in need as a Substance Abuse Counselor. 


Anne ‘Sandy’ Page has been a dedicated member of the Junior League for decades and continues to be inspired by her fellow members in the Junior League of Raleigh Chorus as they remain committed to singing for the community. 


Join us next week as we wrap up our ‘Women Who’ blog series with ‘Women Who Lead’. Let’s continue to strive to inspire and uplift each other and our community!