The Junior League of Raleigh has been honored to host the N.C. Governor’s Inaugural Ball for more than eight decades.

With strong commitment from its trained volunteers, the women’s organization has proudly planned and presented the historic event since 1933, when N.C. Gov. J. C. Ehringhaus took office.

Today, with more than 1,600 members, the League is well underway with the coordination of the 2017 N.C. Governor’s Inaugural Ball that will take place on Saturday, January 7. This grand event will mark the 21st Inaugural Ball that the League has put on.


Past N.C. Governor’s Inaugural Balls hosted by the League and the Junior League of Raleigh chairs

1933-Governor John Christopher Ehringhaus

Mrs. George Ross Pou

1937-Governor Clyde Roark Hoey

Mrs. John Park Jr.

1941-Governor Joseph Melville Broughton

Mrs. Roland Mumford

1945-Governor Robert Gregg Cherry

Mr. Godrey Cheshire (American Legion)

1949-Governor William Kerr Scott

Miss Frances Thompson

Mayne Albright

Mr. Godfrey Cheshire (American Legion)

1953-Governor William Bradley Umstead

Mrs. Henry D. Haywood

Mr. Godfrey Cheshire (American Legion)

1957-Governor Luther Hartnell Hodges

Mrs Godfrey (Sis) Cheshire Jr.

Mr. Armistead Maupin (American Legion)

1961-Governor Terry Sanford

Mrs. Victor E. (Jane) Bell Jr.

Mr. Clinton Beckwith (American Legion)

1965-Governor Danial Killian Moore

Mrs. Lee C. (Adele) Smith

Mrs. William W. (Nell) Dodge III

Mr. Clifton Beckwith (American Legion)

1969-Governor Robert W. Scott

Mrs. Charles Allen (Juliette) Newcomb

Mrs. Earl (Margery) Johnson Jr.

Mr. James W. Dixon (American Legion)

Mr. Duma I. Bledsoe (American Legion)

1973-Governor James Eubert Hoshouser Jr.

Mrs. Bob C. (Jane) Rogers

Mrs. Charles M (Flo) Winston

1977-Governor James Baxter Hunt Jr.

Mrs. B Robert (Eve) Williamson

Dr. Larry Wheeler (N.C. Symphony)

1981-Governor James Baxter Hunt Jr.

Mrs. Thomas W. (Mary Mac) Bradshaw Jr.

Mrs. William W. (Nell) Dodge III

Mrs. Lucius W. (Jane) Pullen

Dr. Banks C. Talley Jr.

1985-Governor James Grubs Martin

Mrs. William C. (Carole) Anders

Mrs. Henry S. (Sara Jo) Manning Jr.

1989-Governor James Grubs Martin

Mrs. Lawrence (Clare) Maddison

Ms. James A. (Adria) Walker

1993-Governor James Baxter Hunt Jr.

Ms. Denise Evelyn Parks

Mrs. R. Lynn (Carol) Wiggs

1997-Governor James Baxter Hunt Jr.

Mrs. William (Kathy) Teague

Mrs. Sam (Jane) Worley

Mrs. John (Walker) Mabe

Mrs. James (Beth) Betts

2001-Governor Michael F. Easley

Ms. Sarah Wesley Fox

Mrs. Robert (Mary Brent) Wright

Mrs. Wilson (Jennie) Hayman

Ms. Danita Morgan

2005-Governor Michael F. Easley

Mrs. Kenneth (Linda Brown) Douglas

Mrs. Keith (Graham) Satisky

Mrs. John (Nancy) Andrews

Mrs. Glenn (Dorothea) Bitler

2009-Governor Beverly E. Perdue

Mrs. Bryan (Rhonda) Beatty

Mrs. Joel (Virginia) Parker

Mrs. Thomas (Carol) Wagoner

Mrs. John (Pat) Wilkins

2013-Governor Patrick L. McCrory

Shayla Bradshaw

Emily Funderburk

Liza Roney

Virginia Yopp

Agency names in parentheses indicate the Inaugural Ball chair (1945) and co-chairs for other years.