Leadership Council 2022-2023

Communications and Strategies Council

Public Communications: Maggie Bizzell
Member Communications: Ryan Marie Hyde
C & S Council Secretary: Amy Davis
Council Sustainer Adviser: Anne Strickland

Community Council

A Note in the Pocket: Andea Grube & Hannah Whitman
Backpack Buddies: Stephanie Ellison & Sara Laughter
Boys & Girls Club: Cecily Johnson & Evelyn Koh
Chorus: Susan McAllister & Sandy Page
Food Bank: Lyndsay Ashcraft & Katie Brown
Green Chair Project: Devin Graham & Elizabeth Raggi
Healthy Kids, Healthy Community: Angie Harwanko
Helping Horse: Martha Namie
Heritage Park: Pia Duncan & Nacole Erwin-Inkumsah
Quick Impact: Amanda Smith & Rachel Werner
School Success: Libby Blanton
SAFEchild: Elizabeth Clapp & Amelia Serrat
StepUp Ministry: Jordan Lassiter & Abbey Pope
Strong Family Foundations: Meggen DeLollis
Community Council Secretary: Trenesse Michael
Council Sustainer Adviser: Nina Argiry

Funding & Development Council

A Shopping SPREE!: Tina Lewis, Lindsay Rice & Sarah Saunders
Annual Fund: Addie Moody & Chanda Littleton
Community Funding: Monique Brown & Sarah Causey
Touch-A-Truck: Amber Conley & Brandi Davis
Treasurer-elect: Justine Tate
1930’s Society: Caroline Ives & Stacie Walker
Funding Council Secretary: Lisa Thomson
Council Sustainer Adviser: Lori Edwards

Membership Council

Arrangements: Lauren Polli & Trish Shrader
Placements and Engagement: Ashley Griffith & Lake Moore
Sustainer Captains: Astra Ball & Graham Satisky
Taking Care of Members (TCOM): Morgan Kelly & Megan Marten
Transfer: Sarah Justice, Kristen Levine, & Denise Stewart
Membership Council Secretary: Haven Powell
Council Sustainer Adviser: Julie Whitlock

Training Council

GRAPA: Laurie Kaufman & Emily Petersohn
Membership Development Council: Kody Carter, Chioma Phillips, & Caroline King
Training: Austina White
Training Sec: Randi Ligon
Sustainer Adviser: Mitzi Downing