JLR Member Spotlight – Meet Our Teachers

The Junior League of Raleigh is proud to spotlight our many educators who in addition to volunteering for one of our placements, helps shape our community by teaching.

Jessica Weaver

Meet Jessica Weaver whose current JLR placement serves the Boys & Girls Club.  Jessica is a kindergarten teacher at Bugg Magnet Elementary School Center for Design and Computer Sciences.  She has been a teacher for 12 years and has taught Kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade.

“My favorite thing about my current class is their resilience and strength. It amazes me that my precious five and six year old students come to school every day excited and ready to learn despite the many changes they face as a result of the current pandemic.”

Taylor Berrier

Meet Taylor Berrier whose current JLR placement is at the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina.  Taylor is an AP Economics teacher at Enloe Magnet High School for the 10th – 12th grade.
“I teach AP Economics so it is really fun to see students make real world applications using the concepts we learn in class.”

Catie Miller Burnette

Meet Catie Miller Burnette whose current JLR placement is the Backpack Buddies Co-Captain. Catie is the Assistant Principal at Hilburn Academy.

“My favorite thing about my students is the way they care for others.  giving back to the school community or supporting one of their peers, our students are resilient and caring in a way that is truly inspiring.”

Susan Hines

Meet Susan Hines whose current JLR placement is the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina.  Susan is a Social Studies Teacher and the Department Chair at Enloe Magnet High School. Currently she’s teaching American History II, AP American Government and Politics, and IB Global Politics mostly to Seniors. “The best thing about this year is being able to engage in dialogue with students face-to-face on current events and see their collaborative work being more effective.”

Trish Shrader

Meet Trish Shrader whose current JLR placement is the Arrangements Co-Captain.  Trish is a second grade teacher at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic School.

“I love helping my students grow and learn. Each day in the classroom is different. I love inspiring them to work hard and be the best they can be!”