Leadership Council

Communications and Strategies Council

Public Relations
Lauren Godwin and  Peyton Ware
Government Relations & Public Affairs
Evette Pettus and  Tia Reaves
Kim Newman
Stephanie Ellison

Community Council

AventWest Children’s Mentoring 
Kate Haggas and Alyson Tuck
Backpack Buddies
Jennifer Haigwood and Tiffany Chan
Boys & Girls Club
Shanise Mark and  Ryan Pack
Langley Moretz and Sandy Page
Food Bank
Megan Riddle and  Adria McGlamery
Helping Horse
Ashley Morris and Molly Lewis
Heritage Park
Amanda Oliver and Charlotte Townley
Elizabeth Cahoon and  Logan Tice
Quick Impact
Amethia Clay and  Michelle Jacobson
Brooke Poole and Yasmin Morton
StepUP Ministry
Elizabeth Byrom and Sianna Brown
Community VP Assistant
Carly Pate

Funding & Development Council

Annual Fund
Tarsha Burroughs and Samantha Warren
Bargain Box
Morgan Kelly and Kendra Allen
Community Funding
Melanie Townsend
Julie Ploscyca and Katie Lennon
 A Shopping SPREE!
Bernette Stivers and Carrie McMillan
Treasurer Elect
Stacie Walker

Membership Council

Hilary Allen and Megan Eure
Lindsay Hill and Briana Hovermale
Sustainer Captain
Christina Coffey and Toni Davis
Taking Care of Members (TCOM)
Samantha Hawkins and Emily Lovelace
Rebecca Dotson and Sarah Wheeler

Training Council

Membership Development Council
Brandi Davis and Jenny Anderson
Community Connect
Kathryn Holding and Allison Strickland
Charity VanHorn and Brenna Campbell