Communications and Strategies Council

Public Relations
Caroline Barbee and Amy Davis
Government Relations & Public Affairs
Lauren Miller and Casey Young
Nicole Medlin
the Link
Miranda Dotson and Andrea Flor
Graphic Designer
Brittainey Sieren Lauridsen
Social Media
Olympia Friday
Casey Young and Lauren Golden
Alyson Tuck
Barbara Williams

Community Council

AventWest Children’s Mentoring 
Melissa Armstrong and Sianna Brown
Backpack Buddies
Kate Haggas and Ana Maria Stines
Boys & Girls Club
Brittany Reuter
Langley Moretz and Sandy Page
Food Bank
Heather Beiza and Elizabeth Woodrome
Helping Horse
Gracen Pittard and Arden Thomas 
Heritage Park
Kate Burnie and Amanda Oliver
Elizabeth Cahoon and Lisa Coston Hall
Kids on the Block
Susan Beymer Brauner and Robin MacBain
Quick Impact
Nina Argiry and Leslie Scheve
Deb Dobek and Chioma Phillips
StepUP Ministry
Maeve Gardner and Kelsie Johnson

Funding & Development Council

Annual Fund
Emily Rowe and Jacqueline Stalls
Bargain Box
Gina Chapin, Sarah Jacks, and Stacie Walker
Love My League
Colleen Dimitry and Michelle Jacobson
Community Funding
Cindy McGhee and Charity Van Horne
A Shopping SPREE!
Lanier McRee and Kristin Walker
Emy Hanson
Inaugural Ball
Astra Ball, Samantha Hatem, Melissa Hayes and Whitney von Haam

Membership Council

Membership Development Council 
Blair Bacisin and Mary Jo Frantz
Mandy McGuire and Annie McQuaid
Sustainer Captain
Mary Blake and Anita Pinther
Taking Care of Members (TCOM)
Theresa Dew and Amanda Moore
Devon Broughton and Nikiann Grey

Training Council

Kelly Lundin and Liz Watson
Capital Leadership Initiative (CLI)
Michele DeFoe and Devon Jarvis
Community Connect
Jessica Criswell-Agate and Leigh Ellen Roberts
Michelle Morris