Leadership Council

Communications and Strategies Council

Creative Services
Emily Petersohn
Public Communications
DeShelia Spann and Megan Thorpe
Member Communications
Amethia Clay and Paulette Evans

Community Council

AventWest Children’s Mentoring 
Wendy Reinhart and Alyson Tuck
Backpack Buddies
Jessica Brintle and Cameron Smith
Boys & Girls Club
Yasmin Morton and Ryan Pack
Susan McAllister and Sandy Page
Food Bank
Megan Riddle and Adria McGlamery
Green Chair Project
Kendra Allen and Michelle Mulvihill
Helping Horse
Ashley Morris and Lizzy Thier
Heritage Park
Heather Bronson and Katelyn Paul
Elizabeth Cahoon and Hope Homesly
A Note in the Pocket
Caroline Ives and Carly Pate
Quick Impact
Laura Barnes and Dalia Hussein
Katie Pollara and Jaime Williams
StepUp Ministry
Olivia Johnson and Christy Foster Smith
Community VP Assistant
Tiffany Chan

Funding & Development Council

Annual Fund
Tarsha Burroughs and Libby Spain
Community Funding
Sandie Coleman
A Shopping Spree!
Natalie Frey and Jen Jordan
Blair Burch and Addy Moody
 1930 Society
Morgan Kelly

Membership Council

Melissa Jarel and Stephanie Slifer
Tanya Edmonds and Rebecca Dotson
Sustainer Captain
Anne Strickland and Ronica VanGelder
Taking Care of Members (TCOM)
Stevie Stephens and Sarah Wheeler
Julia Black and Nancy Ventura

Training Council

Community Connect
Lucy Austin and Sarah Caldwell
Madeline Hurley and Evette Pettus
Membership Development Council
Maggie Bizzell and Kayla Beaver
Toni Chatman and Sarah Day Owen Wiskirchen